Izrael też zaczyna gnić

jak i reszta krajów Zachodu.

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  1. Marcel pisze:

    „fermentation” got started somewhere in the waning years of the 20th century – and thankfully, like wine, it is getting better with age….the State of Tel Aviv (Hebrew: „Medinat TelAviv):

    „*Tel Aviv-Jaffa has many pet names, but perhaps none so fitting as Medinat Tel Aviv (the State of Tel Aviv). This seafront metropolis of 400,000 may still trail Jerusalem in both population and historical importance, but Tel Avivians are too busy basking in their pristine beaches, high-tech scene and 300 annual days of sunshine to notice. Passionately secular and avowedly carefree, Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a 24/7 city where the search for the perfect cup of coffee and a commitment to L.G.B.T. pride seems to take precedence over Israel’s complicated politics. Tel Aviv-Jaffa is actually two connected enclaves: the traditionally Arab Jaffa to the south, where history and hipsterdom sync up with new energy; and the younger, hard-partying Tel Aviv to the north, which overflows with start-ups and casual cosmopolitanism. To get a taste of the city, hop on a bicycle or explore its avenues by foot — its flat, linked neighborhoods pulse with energy day and night, and the best way to see the action is to join right in.”


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